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This is hopefully a precursor to something I’ll eventually blog at my work blog. I wanted to solicit feedback from a not-as-technical crowd as the crowd that tends to read that blog, though to be honest, of the five of you who read me on a semi-regular basis, a solid two are at least as technically-inclined as I am, so this isn’t the best sampling either. Anyway, I’d love to have some responses to a couple of questions I’m about to pose. Email me or add a comment to this post. Respond without Googling around to try to find an answer. If you’re a geek, please don’t add any spoilers to the comments for those to whom this stuff may not be second nature. So, the questions:

What do you think “news,” “feeds,” or “RSS” are in the context of web content? If you have at least a vague idea of what these are, do you find the idea useful?

Thanks for any feedback.

2 thoughts on “News, Feeds, RSS

  1. HoseHead says:

    I think they great ways to get data into a centralized location so it can be more easily consumed by me the user. is a good example of this.
    Also a great way to waste half a day reading stuff I would not have read otherwise.
    Here is what happens to me from time to time:
    Google ig is my home page. So I write some bit of code and open Mr. FF to see what my new stuff looks like. My home page loads and I see headline of article 1 stating “Microsoft Buys Zend” or something else I find amazingly interesting. So next thing I know I have read 5 articles and have forgotten what I had opened Mr. FF to do.
    I have learned to be more focused and stop reading my /. headliners every 10 mins.
    Useful? Hell Yes! I think RSS has changed the availablity of inclusive information flow from multiple sources.

  2. I find it very usefull to read short news stories via feeds or RSS. However, I only use it for offline reading, and then it is very important to have the full text available, which depends how it is implemented on the site.
    One news site Isubscribed to just supplies the headlines with no content – I don’t find this very usefull, and unsuscribed immediately. Others give a short synopsis, which is better, and the best give the full text (not many).
    I actually use prssreader (pocketpc) which can also download a cached copy of the complete webpage so that I can read the full details whenever I get interested in an article – wether I am online or not. For me that’s the ideal and most-used application.

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